About Mitsubishi HVAC Products

Since Mitsubishi Electric introduced its cooling and heating solutions to the US and Canada HVAC markets over 30 years ago, it has gained the trust of homeowners and contractors through its comfort, high efficiency and long lasting reliability.

Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps are among the most popular products on the North America HVAC market. With decades of proven experience in air conditioners and heat pumps manufacturing, Mitsubishi Electric has become the most sought after HVAC manufacturer. Thanks to high-end materials, all Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Systems are corrosion-free for decades with low maintenance and operation costs.

Some typical Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Systems:

Each of the product lines presented above are available in multi-zone options, such as preconfigured single zone, dual zone, tri zone and quad zone Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Systems. These heat pumps can also be custom configured to have up to 8 total zones for a single outdoor condenser.